On-site evaluation, consultation and measurement of static issues at no charge with over 60 years combined product knowledge while representing the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of static control equipment. Demo and loaner equipment available for on-site testing and evaluation of products for a specific application. Localized representation covering the entire Upstate New York area from Westchester County to Lake Erie plus Vermont and Western Massachusetts. 


Static elimination bars, blowers, air guns, air knives, conductive brushes, tinsel; Static generating equipment for temporary bonding of material; Web and sheet cleaners, tacky-roll cleaners; Cleanroom and ESD ionization, test equipment, consulting.

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Top Gun

Sentry Blower

Sentry Blower

IQ Easy Bar

 IQ Power Static Control System

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Web and sheet cleaners, contact and non-contact, automatic panel cleaners, hand held cleaners, replacement adhesive.

Static grounding solutions for intermittent and continuous grounding of equipment, containers, and tankers. Battery operated and electrically powered LED indicators for hazardous locations to ensure personnel that a safe ground has been acquired, plus optional data logging and output relays.
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Floor Matting:
Conductive and insulative, anti-fatigue mating for wet or dry areas, cleanrooms, labs, hospitals, pharmacies