Empire Tech Solutions is a complete, customer-oriented organization staffed by engineers. What this means to our customers is we are not ‘salesmen’ looking for a quick sale. We are application engineers that will partner with your company on a long-term basis to solve your problems, and not try to sell you a piece of equipment that you may or may not need. Being technically oriented, we understand processes and how to solve manufacturing issues while taking into account all aspects from facilities, to maintenance, to budgeting, to ensuring our customers have happy customers themselves.

  • Static Control

On-site evaluation, consultation and measurement of static issues at no charge with over 45 years combined product knowledge while representing the world’s oldest and largest manufacturer of static control equipment. Demo and loaner equipment available for on-site testing and evaluation of products for a specific application. Localized representation covering the entire Upstate New York area from Westchester County to Lake Erie.

  • Cleanrooms

Consultant-based approach to evaluating a customer’s core requirement for the process at hand to determine the best, most cost-effective solution for contamination control requirements. Testing and evaluation offered with state of the art measurement and testing equipment. Capabilities include design/build, installation, turn-key, HVAC, remodeling and renovation of new and existing facilities and environments.

  • Cleanroom Supplies

A complete complimentary line of products available to outfit a cleanroom with the proper equipment to follow best manufacturing practices.

  • Cleanroom Equipment

Complimentary equipment to the cleanroom structure, specific to the process and operating conditions. Our engineering backgrounds enable us to offer more than off-the-shelf products, by designing and building custom equipment to fit a specific requirement. From containment to isolation, racking, dryboxes, portable and central vacuum and dust collection, etc.

  • Compressed Air Equipment

Clean dry air systems to provide economical compressed air at a quality level adequate for the application. Excelling in higher-end air systems for laboratories and medical air systems (specifically NFPA-99 compliant medical air and vacuum systems) and their extremely stringent requirements that a typical air compressor house can not provide.

With any of the above equipment, we often work with the customer directly installing the equipment. ETS personnel are hands-on and can service any of the equipment we sell. Our philosophy is that if you do not know how to fix or repair it, then you shouldn’t be selling it. We do not refer you to a service department to fix your problem; you deal directly with the application engineer for service. This heightens our product knowledge and streamlines any repair/maintenance issues, and allows us to build a better relationship with our customers to solve any of their problems.