Clean dry air systems to provide economical compressed air at a quality level adequate for the application. Excelling in higher-end air systems for laboratories and medical air systems (specifically NFPA-99 compliant medical air and vacuum systems) and their extremely stringent requirements that a typical air compressor house can not provide.

Clean Dry Air Systems & Packages:
Membrane dryers, Condensate drains & Separators; Breathing air purifiers, Nitrogen systems.

Compressed Air Treatment:
Filters, Refrigerated dryers, Desiccant dryers

Compressed breathing air purifiers and monitors
Intermittent duty, Portable.

Oil-less Scroll air compressors & Vacuum Systems
Oil-less reciprocating compressors, oil lubricated compressors,
Vacuum systems, claw, vane, liquid ring; Medical air packages.

Oil-less and oil-lubricated compressor systems
General industrial and Medical Air Systems, clean dry air systems; Reciprocating and Rotary Screw Compressors.


Carbon Monoxide, dewpoint, and oxygen monitors.