RPT Airflow diagram

Cleaning medical devices, plastic trays and parts

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Simco-Ion RPT Cube cleaner is a self-contained HEPA filtered high pressure cleaning unit for hand cleaning of medical device, plastic parts, trays, etc., during manufacturing, assembly and packaging. Using no compressed air and HEPA filtered makes this cost efficient to operator and easily fit into a cleanroom environment and works off from 115V/1PH/60Hz power. Features touch-screen panel to adjust manual …


Unique solution for a medical device plastic injection molder who needed to clean parts

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Working with a local machine builder, we can up with a unique solution for a local plastic injection molder’s problems of contamination on medical device parts they were molding and needed to clean prior to assembly. Utilizing a custom-built hood to mount directly to their existing conveyor, we were able to clean the parts before they are deposited into a …


Softwall Cleanroom Solution

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An easy quick solution for a customer who needed a small sampling cleanroom utilizing two existing walls. HEPA filtered sealed ceiling (tiles not shown for clarity) with a flexible curtain entrance and solid side panels, all supported by an anodized aluminum frame.


Custom Cleanroom Pass-Thru with vertical doors

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Customer needed a 30″ wide pass thru, but did not have room for the wide door swing. We came up with a solution with a vertical door with push-to-close spring loaded stops for safety to hold the doors open, plus the doors operate with a simple sliding mechanism.