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How a fully adjustable static elimination system can maximize performance

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A local printer on a 55″ wide Gallus press which operates at 1000fpm with an in-line laminator has various static issues along the length of the press where each static bar installation required individual adjustments. Utilizing a Simco IQ Power Control Station allowed a very flexible system to give the customer full adjustment to their static control system with easy of monitoring, making it a complete system.

One location monitoring of all static bars on the press. The paper dust coats the static bars and reduces performance, but with real time monitoring at the operator station, all static bars can be kept in maximum operating condition instead of causing production or personnel issues when left unattended.

-Static bars were set up to run in Auto-Tune, which automatically adjusts the static bar’s output as a function of the charge presented to the bar as it couples with the bar to maximize performance.

-Several bars were set up in MANUAL mode to skew the bar’s balance to one polarity to target the high charges at the high speeds, greatly improving the performance, but also the range of the bars such that they can be moved back out of the operators way for ease of threading, and to prevent damage during web breaks.

A fully adjustable system to provide a full solution for all the variables of the installation. No other static control system can provide this level of control and efficiency.