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What is your static control system telling you?

A customer recently commented that a competitors product changes the output of the static bar and you can tell it does that by the lights on the optional controller they sell. This simply isn’t true. Lights do not indicate change, its just a monitoring system that they allude changes by how the bar interacts with the charges present on the web, when if fact their static bars have a fixed output. It might tell you that you are attempting to neutralizing a positive or negative charge along with its rough magnitude, but that’s all the lights indicate.

The Simco-Ion IQ Power system with Control Station and IQ Sensor bar DOES adjust the static bar’s outputs and can be done several ways:

-CLOSED-LOOP FEEDBACK. A Simco IQ Sensor bar is a continuous static measurement device (i.e. static meter) that reads actual charge present on a moving web. When paired with a Simco Static bar through the Simco Control Station and set up in Closed-Loop Feedback mode, the output of the paired bar IS adjusted to null the residual charge actually measured by the static sensor automatically.

Picture of a Simco IQ Sensor bar in its industrial robust profile to easily be mounted spanning webs.

-AUTO-TUNE: Using a special mix of firmware and software in the Simco BPS power units and Control Station, when properly set up and dialed in/calibrated with a hand-held static meter, Auto-Tune can adjust the output of the static bar automatically by how the static bar responds to the magnitude of charge present.

-MANUAL: The Simco Control Station allows the output of the static bar, or bars as you can adjust them individually, so that they are skewed in balance to the positive or negative side in 1% increments.

In addition, the Simco Control Station can monitor and individually control up to 10 devices in both standard and hazardous (XP) (Class 1, Div 1, Group D/E) rated areas such as solvent coaters. Simco IQ Bars are available in (3) operating ranges: Speed (2″ – 9″), Hybrid (6″ – 18″) and Distance (12″ – 30″) and also in 24VDC input and air assisted versions for blow-off/long range performance.


How a fully adjustable static elimination system can maximize performance

A local printer on a 55″ wide Gallus press which operates at 1000fpm with an in-line laminator has various static issues along the length of the press where each static bar installation required individual adjustments. Utilizing a Simco IQ Power Control Station allowed a very flexible system to give the customer full adjustment to their static control system with easy of monitoring, making it a complete system.

One location monitoring of all static bars on the press. The paper dust coats the static bars and reduces performance, but with real time monitoring at the operator station, all static bars can be kept in maximum operating condition instead of causing production or personnel issues when left unattended.

-Static bars were set up to run in Auto-Tune, which automatically adjusts the static bar’s output as a function of the charge presented to the bar as it couples with the bar to maximize performance.

-Several bars were set up in MANUAL mode to skew the bar’s balance to one polarity to target the high charges at the high speeds, greatly improving the performance, but also the range of the bars such that they can be moved back out of the operators way for ease of threading, and to prevent damage during web breaks.

A fully adjustable system to provide a full solution for all the variables of the installation. No other static control system can provide this level of control and efficiency.


Unique solution for a medical device plastic injection molder who needed to clean parts

Working with a local machine builder, we can up with a unique solution for a local plastic injection molder’s problems of contamination on medical device parts they were molding and needed to clean prior to assembly. Utilizing a custom-built hood to mount directly to their existing conveyor, we were able to clean the parts before they are deposited into a collection hopper as they dropped off from the conveyor. Two adjustable mounted Simco-Ion Model Easy Air 24V high-efficiency static bars with integrated air tube were used to provide the cleaning and neutralizing via an ionized compressed air blast, while a Nilfisk HEPA filtered vacuum connected to the vacuum hood captured the removed debris to ensure it was not re-entrained into the bin, onto the parts, or  back into the cleanroom itself.


Softwall Cleanroom Solution

An easy quick solution for a customer who needed a small sampling cleanroom utilizing two existing walls. HEPA filtered sealed ceiling (tiles not shown for clarity) with a flexible curtain entrance and solid side panels, all supported by an anodized aluminum frame.


During these trying times with the COVID-19 virus changing our daily lives, Empire Tech Solution is still open and still here to help. We have shifted into reduced on-site support with limited travel  to more on-line support to assist our customers needs, and our vendors are still open manufacturing essential equipment. Please stay  well and be safe, and we’re here to help if needed.