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How 24VDC input static bars make static control easier

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Many of our customers have used industrial static bars in the past and are familiar with the bulky power units connected with limited lengths of high voltage cable running to the static bars, which can make for a messy installation, especially when the equipment needs to be tied into the machine for on/off control.

For several years now, Simco has had available their rugged IQ Easy static elimination bar which is a direct 24VDC input bar as the power supply is located internal to the bar. This bar comes standard with a 5 meter cable with M12 connector and mounting brackets for ease of installation. This allows the bar to be powered directly from the machine. Plus, the IQ Easy bar comes standard with a GREEN and RED operating condition light on the end of the bar as a visual indication of operation. Simple and easy to install without having to install multiple components and high voltage wiring.

IQ Easy bars are available in two configurations:IQ Easy BarEasy Bar- web image

IQ Easy SPEED bar has an effective neutralizing range of 2″-9″

IQ Easy HYBRID bar has an effective neutralizing range of 6″ – 18″

If additional monitoring is required an IQ Control Station can be added for feedback to of IQ Easy bar. Plus, an IQ Sensor Bar can be integrated with the Control Station for real-time static measurement and close-loop feedback to the IQ Easy bar. The Control Station can be added to perform all of those functions in an easy to use touch screen format.

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